Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Make Money-Buy Gift Cards!

I'm at home letting an injury rest up, since I can't be up and about much, here I am blogging away...  Thought I'd share something with you.  Last night we went to Safeway because we were all out of bread (and as you can see in the pictures-I got free sprinkles-load to your card occasionally freebies like some frosting powder right now on your Safeway card through their JustForU program).  While there, I saw a sign at the register that you get a $10 catalina off of your next purchase when you buy $100 worth of MasterCard gift cards.  The activation fee for a $100 gift card was $5.95, but it still made sense to buy 1!  We paid $105.95 and got a gift card worth $100 and a coupon (catalina) for $10 in free groceries, so after the activation fee, we got $4.05 worth of free groceries.  I wanted to break the $100 up into smaller gift cards for wedding gifts, but each $25 gift card had something like a $3.95 activation fee and after 4 of them, the math doesn't work in your favor.  The snag with this is that you have to have $100 to spend.  Luckily, with budgeting, eating out less, and couponing, we have more cash flow to spare and the Mastercard will be used instead of my debit card on other purchases.

Be on the lookout for these kinds of deals.  Back around Mother's Day I blogged about getting free groceries because I bought some gift cards to Michael's craft store (the one I usually go to most often), and yesterday there was a deal that I forgot to get in on (oops!  :(......)  where you could get a $100 gift card to Target for only $90.  If I'll eventually spend that money at Target over time anyway, might as well get a discount!

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