Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to help local schools without spending a dime.

Or at least spending a dime more than you need to...

We have a predicament when it comes to American public education and the costs.  Parents complain that the schools are asking them to spend too much on school supplies.  Yet the schools are suffering because of budget problems.  Schools get their money from the government-taxes...which come from parents anyway.  Who else is going to pay for these fees if not for parents and/or the government?  Teachers?  It's a job, not a charity, they're so underpaid anyway!  How about those corporations that are making money and are willing to donate?  I vote for that!

Here is a picture of the Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education that my husband and I have built up over the past few months.  Just shy of $11 in box tops and about 41 Labels for Education points. 

Before I couponed, I never really bought name brand, I was a generic brand kinda gal to save $.  And when I bought name brand, I never paid attention to the eduction program coupons.  Now that I coupon, I know how to get the name brand for cheaper than the store's generic!  And I've just been more aware with what I can do to help out.  We don't have any kids yet, but they don't have to be my kids to benefit. 

We have a central location in our kitchen where we drop these-just do a quick check before you toss a cereal or other box.  The nice thing is the coupons are usually good for at least a couple years, so you can wait to build them up and then donate them.  Also, you can go online to and earn eboxtops.

Shop at Target?  I chose to get a Target REDcard Debit Card for my purchases at Target because it's simple (just works like my regular debit card out of my checking account) and I get 5% off on all purchases and I signed up online to dedicate 1% to a local school.   

Clipping coupons off of products you get anyway, signing up for programs that are online/with debit cards-all really simple ways to do your part :)

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