Saturday, July 7, 2012

Got Kids? Back to School Savings Start!!!

Staples has a sweet deal this next week-make sure to stop by.  If you don't have a rewards card with them, I highly recommend it!

This week you can get free superglue and a .25 ream of paper (free and .25 after easy rebate, which is honestly one of the easiest rebate programs I've come across).  Then, if you buy at least $5 of items, you can get up to 2 packs of crayons, 2 glues, and 2 packages of pens (per customer) for a penny each!  If you get just the paper, you pay about $7 before the rebate so that in itself qualifies you for the penny price on these other items! 

I plan to get the superglue, paper, and crayons, glue, and pens so after rebate, I'll pay .31 if I get 1 ream of paper (can get 2). 

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