Wednesday, July 4, 2012


FREE #1: Happy 4th of July-a wonderful day to step back and remember all of the sacrifices to give us the freedoms we have.  I love my American citizenship.  America isn't perfect...just like any family, but you can still love it in imperfection and remember to do your part-stick up for what's right and vote :)

FREE #2: I have a giveaway going on.  I am an epic fail at getting people to follow my blog and participate but I know in part it's because of my lack of time to advertise.  I am offering free products from my craft shops and coupons.  Free entry, great prizes :)  I set it up to end on a certain day or when we got a certain amount of prizes.  So it doesn't drag out, I'll end it at the end of this month regardless of how many entries we get!  GO HERE TO ENTER!

FREE #3: A savings/couponing tip!
Today's Tip: Pay Attention

I had a couple experiences lately that reminded me to pay attention while shopping to make sure I'm saving $. 

Albertson's-I was at the store using my doubler coupons and I came across the Ivory soap.  The label on the soap was 10/$10 so $1.00 each!  Sweet since the last P&G insert from the Sunday paper had a $1 off coupon = FREE.  But that's where the paying attention came into play...When at checkout, they were ringing up for $1.59 each, not $1.00.  I'm glad I paid attention to what it was ringing up as and they had someone go back to price check.  Turns out my powers of observation at checkout failed me in the soap isle.  The tag was an old one (deal ended 6/26).  Luckily, they adjusted all of the prices down to $1 AND gave me 1 for free since it was their error for not pulling down the price tag.  This ended well, they were very kind.  (FYI: if you want free Ivory soap since the Albertson's deal is over, you can go to Walgreen's and get them for free-on sale for .99 right now)

Rite Aid-They have Prell shampoo on sale @ 2/$4.  I had 2 coupons for $1 off 1 from a recent Sunday paper.  Then, Rite Aid had a Single Check Rebate going for $2.  These are free after coupons, sale, and rebate.  The problem is the rebate period, which is monthly, ran through July 3rd for the June rebate program and I had already submitted for my rebate.  They only allow 1 grand total rebate request per period.  The moral of the story on this one is to pay attention to rebate days.  Also, I emailed the customer service department to see if they would be understanding.  They said as a 1 time exception, they'll cut me a check if I send in some things.  Now I have to spend more time, and the cost of a stamp and envelope because I didn't pay attention to dates!

Driving-I was watching bits of TLC's extreme couponing show and 1 lady was speeding to get to the store for a killer sale.  I thought of how silly that was.  I live across the street from a park and the speed limit on our street goes down from 35 MPH to 20 MPH during the summer.  I know the cops set up traps there and hear sirens almost daily.  Don't let anything rush you so much that you get a ticket-the $$$ large fine far outweighs any coupon you have!

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