Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beating the heat

Our tiny little apartment has 1 air conditioner built in.  It sits in the living room in the most inconvenient space for cooling down the whole place.  It is placed in the East side of our apartment, the side shaded by trees.  While our bedroom is on the West side and it takes the brunt of the daily heat.  We don't really plan on spending a bunch of money on another air conditioner but our little fan we have in the bedroom just doesn't do it sometimes.  Additionally, we rather like our electric bill being less than $30/month. 

So our problem-fixer: ice packs.  This may seem a bit ghetto-but you know what?  It's worked for us.  Usually the bedroom has cooled down enough at night and with the fan running constantly, that we can sleep, but last night was another night when it was just too hot.  We use a couple of ice packs to help cool us down and we're good to drift off. 

Tips/Warnings: Make sure to wrap the ice pack up in a towel so it doesn't drip condensation everywhere and so you don't get frostbite from direct contact!  Your neck and armpits are huge temperature control centers for your body-aim for them. 

I wish you all a great Saturday. 

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