Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Freeeeeebies at Walgreens

I did 11 transactions to get these deals, but the cashier was patient :)

I had $7 register rewards (x2) and $3 register rewards (x3) from last week's collegan/first aid ointment and colgage freebies. 

-Fish Oil was on sale from $25 down to 10 and printed up a $10 register reward.  I used 2 $3 off manufacturer coupons, making these each $3 money makers.

-Kid's Brainsmart-on sale for $10, printed up a $10 register reward, making these FREE

-Acid Reducer-on sale for $6, printed up a $6 register reward, making this FREE

-Goody's ouchless headbands & barrettes-on sale for $2 each, printed up $2 register rewards, making these FREE

-Needed some fillers-.25 each

-Dove was on sale for .59 each, I had some .50 off 2 printed coupons.  -.34 each

Ultimately, I could have done the fish oil and brainsmart over and over again since they each are free with $10 prints, but I just didn't have a need, and was not wanting to be selfish, or pay our high 8.7% taxes.  Also, I was glad our cashier was patient with all the hair accessories.  Didn't clear any shelves-plenty of these left-I just knew they'd be nice for gifts with all the women in my family (and friends)! 

Looking at this deal, not counting taxes, I got paid $3.89 with all the register reward I have left over!!!

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