Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bride on a Budget?

One of my best friend's got married today.  I posted here about her party and the tasty cupcake idea I had and here about making her hair clip for her wedding day.  It was beautiful and so was she! 

(Pictured on Bride)

I thought I'd also share a quick, easy, and inexpensive part of her ensemble that we got together today...

We were taking pictures after the wedding, 3 hours before the reception and I asked the Mother of the Bride if they needed any help and she said they didn't have a garter.  I said I'd get one worked out :)  So we ran to Hancock Fabric-they didn't have any pre-made ones but they had elastic lace perfect for it.  We bought a quarter of a yard ($1) and used a 50% off competitor coupon (only had Joann's coupon on me)-so paid .50.  My husband was actually the one that hand stitched it and it worked great!  Bridal accessories are so expensive, but you can really save a few bucks (and in a short pinch) by doing things yourself :)


  1. You're pretty much amazing Jen! Thank you for all the help and for coming through at crunch time! Everything looked incredible. And great stitching there Andrew!!! :)

  2. Love it! Very pretty and I'm impressed that Andrew can stitch :) You may have discovered a new career path for him.