Monday, June 25, 2012

Best Grocery Stores to Shop

Thought I'd post and run to work.  Happy Monday all :) 

I have people ask what the best grocery stores are for saving cash.  Here's what I've experienced:

#1 Albertson's: They have a rewards card that you can get points on and once you have enough points, you get a $5 coupon for whatever you want to spend it on.  They have gas rewards attached to that too (just saved .25/gallon yesterday using this!).  They have twice the value coupons and round up promos to make your coupons worth even more, as well as other great promotions.  (I read we may get twice the value coupons this Sunday in the papers).  They currently have a summer sweepstakes going on and their coupon policy is fairly friendly.  They are not the closest for me, but they've become my favorite.

Safeway/Fred Meyer: These both have decent promos and also have gas rewards programs but for me, neither is ideal.  Safeway is closest and most convenient, but they don't have a gas station to redeem their rewards nearby (and I've found them the rudest with their cashiers and coupons).  Fred Meyer is the farthest from me so it's hardly worth me going out there. 

Rosaur's: I'm newer to Rosaur's, but they've had some nice sales that I've popped in for.

Winco: I've never couponed at Winco but I hear they're coupon-friendly.

Yokes: Never couponed there but I hear they can be decent.

Walmart: They price match-pretty much the best thing about them. 

Costco: They don't accept coupons other than their own so couponing is not so grand there, but for things that are hard to find good deals on like tuna, it's not a bad way to go.

Rite Aid/Walgreens: What?  These aren't grocery stores!?  They aren't known for their groceries but do sometimes have some sweet deals (like 4 boxes of free popcorn last week).  Additionally, you get rewards coupons for buying promotional items and you can use those rewards coupons on whatever food you want. 

Trading Company: Does not accept printed coupons.  I can't stand this so all I really do with them is have Walmart price match their good sale items. 

Hope this helps :)

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