Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What a day :) Couponing for gas?

I wish I got a paid holiday every Monday!  I get to snatch up some great sales!  Though I do have to say, people cleared the shelves on the Ecotrin pain reliever at all 3 local Walgreens-that made me a tad sad, but it didn't ruin my shopping.  No pictures this time (had to put things away in a hurry-busy week with a party at my place in a couple days)  I have to say though that I'm happy with Albertson's today.  We ran in to get a couple more deals and I just love their sweepstakes they have going on (we're so close on many of the prizes with the stick-on dealios) and I like that some of them are store coupons-good for stacking and long lasting.  I got a box of Pasta Roni for .25 today because of one of them and a free donut.  Also, I never use my rewards card for any grocery stores for gas rewards because I just didn't think I shopped at them enough to use it.  I saved .25/gallon at the Tesoro next to our Albertson's-not bad!!!

Anywho, once was all said and done, we went to my in-laws for a tasty and fun bbq.  I wanted to give a short shout-out to my sister-in-law who just started her own Etsy.com shop @ SimplyDivineByDesign .  She's making these beautiful beaded flower hair clips-she got to be quite skilled while making flowers for my wedding :)

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