Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Using your resources-Plarn!

Name a way to be eco-friendly and combine 2 obsessions....newspaper plastic bags for couponing + scissors = plarn (plastic yarn)

We get the Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday papers (for the coupons) and they usually come wrapped in colored plastic bags.  I save these and make yarn out of them.  It's harder than regular to crochet with, but it's a fun material, free, and better for the environment than tossing them.  Here are the 2 yarn balls I'm working on now in red and orange.

Here are some photos of bags I already have made with plarn.  Check out my shop for upcycled goods :


  1. Where did you get the blue plastic? All I seem to get is boring white Meijer bags with flecks of red and black.

  2. I get tons of white and tan when I forget my re-usable cloth bags too. The blue plastic featured here is from a food bank actually. I volunteered to go re-package these HUGE cases of pasta into smaller sized bags. The big bags that we emptied were this beautiful blue and I asked if I could take them since they were just going to throw them away.