Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tracking Savings and Spending

I read on another site that one way someone keeps track of their coupon savings is to take the amount they save and put it into a separate savings account.  I thought that was brilliant.  I might do that someday.  I do get asked a lot though "How much money have you saved since you started couponing?"  I'll be honest...I can't tell you in the slightest.  A lot?  I know part of my lack in answers is 1) I started couponing shortly after getting married so I can't tell you how much we used to spend before we lived together...since  we didn't live together before marriage...and 2) I didn't keep good track of my expenses before-my goal was to just not overdraft. 

What I did:
We use a free online software to track every expense.  Go to and sign up free!  After every purchase we keep our receipts and then weekly or so we put them in the budget.  It adds it all up for you and helps you know where your money is going.  I easily put in the receipts while watching a movie.

What I will do:
Keep track of my & savings so I can tell people when the ask...I save $x.xx this month by couponing! 

The concept is the same for budgeting (for me) as dieting-if I write down what I eat, I become more aware of what I spend my hard earned $ on!

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