Thursday, May 24, 2012

Reminiscing over a noteworthy shop and DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY!

I saw something at the store that reminded me of something unique we registered for our wedding but didn't get.  It was too pricey for me to justify buying for ourselves and I remembered someone that I've had a couple of transactions with on etsy-and thought-I bet he could do it!  And for a great price!  Still haven't approached him, but I thought I'd mention Kent-and Traci of Kent's Krafts on  Kent does some amazing wood working (which I have taken full advantage of-letter openers, hair accessories, business card holder, custom frame) and Traci has some beautiful jewelry-some wire wrapped (a personal favorite style) and chainmaille it looks like is a new addition to the shop (also fun!  We had a friend do some scalemaille flowers for our wedding reception).  If you have a chance, pop in there shop and see the awesome things I'm talking about! 

On a more personal note, remember to enter my giveaway, needing lots more entries to give away prizes!!!  Click here for details!

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  1. I'm really behind on things!
    TYVM for the mention in your blog!
    Your origami boxes are a big hit with our clients! We just recently sent out a bunch of them to Ohio with a big jewelry order!