Sunday, May 27, 2012

Didn't even pay a penny...buying dog food buys us other groceries!

Apparently the secret to Walmart couponing is to go after 11:30pm the night before a coupon expires....
 I had tried to do this Beneful deal 5x and either surrounding Walmarts did not have them or they refused to follow the company policy with overage.  I read a local blogger saying that suddently the trial size bags popped up at their store so I thought I'd try my luck again.  I was so happy, and to see that they have at least 3x as many as the Walmart that denied us (we left plenty on the shelves still!)
13 bags dog food @ $1 each-used $2 off MC
2 Jerky @ $1.74-on clearance & having 50% off red tags
Pepper Mayo @ $2.98-used .55 MC
2 Torani (small bottles) @ $3.98-used $1 off MC
The mayo and torani weren't great coupons or sales, but we wanted/needed them-as well as the jerky.  I couldn't believe that it came to exactly $0.00, not having to pay a penny or getting a penny back!  (coupons covered the taxes too)

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