Saturday, April 14, 2012

Who loves spring but hates bugs?

ME!!! Despite our budget challenge for this month, I think this might make for a great deal!

Rite Aid is having a sale starting tomorrow (4/15/12) where these "Hot Shot" insecticide sprays are BOGO1/2 (Buy One Get One 1/2 Off). Also, when you buy 2, you get $2 in +UP Rewards (store credit). To add to the beauty, you can print off this beautiful coupon from (hurry, might be gone soon). I also highly recommend signing up for Swagbucks if you haven't, and print from their site so you get the coupon AND credit toward free gift cards! If you haven't signed up, click here to start :)

I've seen this item listed at Walmart for $2.57 each. Assuming Rite Aid has similar prices, here's what the match may look like:

$1.29 (2nd can 1/2 off)
Use (2) $1 off of 1 Manufacturer Coupons.
Get $2 in +Up Rewards for your next purchase
=Like getting them free!!! (about $1.86 out of pocket, then you can use your $2 +Up on somethig else)

Small Writing:
For those that are starting with coupons, the writing at the bottom can be confusing. On this coupon, it states: Limit 1 coupon per purchase. I asked myself, does that mean I can only use 1?

There are limitations on how many coupons you can use of 1 type "per purchase", "per transaction", and "per customer".
Per purchase: This means 1 of these coupons per item you purchase. Since we are buying 2 in this scenario, we can use 2 of the same coupon.
Per Transaction: This means 1 of these coupons can be used per transaction. If you really want to use more and don't mind swiping your debit card multiple times-cashiers can break up you transactions to follow those rules. This would ruin this scenario though as both cans must be purchased in 1 transaction to get the 2nd can 1/2 off and to get the $2 +Up rewards.
Per Customer: This means 1 per customer, period. Technically, a cashier should not let you use this twice in the same shop.

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