Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spending Fast

My husband and I decided to challenge ourselves to a spending fast this month and we've been doing pretty good so far. Our goal is to spend a mere $12.50 maximum per week ($50 for the whole month)on groceries and toiletries. So far we've spent $2.31 in taxes on items we got for free from couponing and $4.44 for milk, cheese, and yogurt. So 1/3 into the month, $6.71/$50.00-not bad!

The beauty of learning to coupon and save means you can have a personal stash or stockpile that will last you when you need. If either of us came down sick or lost our jobs for some reason, perhaps needing to help out family-we'd be prepared! Also, it's great to be able to buy things you like at a great price and then have them when you want them-no random buying at higher prices or running out and paying full price because you've run out.

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