Monday, April 2, 2012

Did I Say FREE? Yes, Yes I Did!

I haven't gotten there yet, but I'm really hoping to snag a couple of these games for free-CandyLand or something listed here. Unfortunately you can't snag the Target coupons anymore (they were available last week when I posted), or the manufacturer coupons :( I printed mine off when they were available but people cleared the shelves last week. Now that the sale is even better on these items, I hope they restocked. Price is $5, I have two $3 off coupons. Target doesn't do overage, so they'll round down the the coupon value to the $5 price. I will only have to pay tax on the cost after the store sale and store coupon but before the manufacturer coupon.

Also, take a look at what I got in the mail today! I mentioned that I was getting a free sample in the mail of the Pure Citrus makers since I contacted them. I got both of these full size scents from them in the mail today! I'm excited to use them-we've seen them on the shelves but haven't tried them yet!!!

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