Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why Wouldn't You Do This?

I feel like a fool now that I know how to really save money, a fool that I ever spent so much, paid full price!!!

My sister-in-law helped a lot and introduced me to I've mentioned them briefly before but I got a package today that made it feel like it was Christmas and I thought I'd share :)

Join Swagbucks HERE. It's totally free and you can be extra casual with earning points if all you do is just use their search engine instead of others like google. We've gotten at least $40 in gift cards since February! They also have special promotions that you can do if you want. I saw they had a Vistaprint option (you have to be a new user, I've bought from them before but my husband hasn't and we have different Swagbucks accounts)-get a free custom t-shirt and just pay for shipping. A good deal on its own, it also gave you enough Swagbucks points to get a $5.00 gift card. Vistaprint always offers other freebies with the hopes that you'll opt into a paid upgrade. I chose all freebies and got tons of business cards, a pen, the t-shirt, and a return address stamp-all customized-all free. Only shipping. I got that package today.

We paid $8.73 for shipping. After the $5 gift card, we really only paid $3.73 for all these goodies!!! Gifts or just-because items anyone? (Sorry no pictures, some of these items were actually customized to be a gift for someone...don't want to let the cat out of the bag in case they peek at my blog :)

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