Sunday, March 11, 2012

Unblogged deals, mini stockpile, giveaway still going!

1st of all, I need to get out my frustration-I think I have a bug with my computer because it won't print coupons right now! So frustrating :(

2nd of all, I can't believe I posted last night that my giveaway was ending tonight. It ends tonight so there's still an hour and a half to enter here.

Unblogged deals you say?
I follow 4 different blogs for a variety of matchup and hints. I feel so great when I spot a deal that none of them have blogged about! Here are a couple I plan to take advantage of this week:

$0.19 Salad Dressing!
Good through Tuesday at Safeway is the in-ad coupon for Ken's salad dressing-16oz for $1.19 with card and coupon. In today's paper, lo and behold, a $1.00 of 1 bottle-same brand and size! My husband puts sauce on pretty much everything (sometimes I remind him he should try to taste the food, not just the sauce), so we could use some more dressing. I have yet to try this brand, but for .19, I can't go wrong can I?

$0.90 Mio
Target's flyer today advertised Buy 1 Mio, get the 2nd for $1. Regularly $3.79 each it's not a bad deal. Combine with 2-$1 off manufacturer coupons (I think from the 2/26 paper?) and 1 Target printable $1 off coupon (may not be still available, my computer is being slow so I can't get to the site right now). It comes out to .90 each! I love this stuff (encourages me to drink lots of water when it's a tasty flavor) but I hate paying full price for it.

And lastly, my mini stockpiles. A couple of great friends helped me organize my stashes for sanity. Here you will see my cereal wall as well as health & beauty and vitamins/cold season items. Buy it cheap once, no need to run out to the store when you realize you need it later and pay full price!


  1. When we got married Myron put bbq sauce on everything. I asked him to please taste it before he sauced it up, just in case I put enough flavor in it. He is better now. I am better about making sure the food doesn't have too subtle a flavor for him too!

    1. Like father, like son? lol. Sorry again about texting you so late about coupons-you must REALLY think I'm a nut! We took a nap and woke up at I'm going to be awake for a while now! ;-/