Friday, March 9, 2012

Good News :D

So....I have good news but I can't technically tell anyone yet. My hubby bought me flowers today though, for Women's day and to celebrate my good news :)

I haven't had too many couponing trips lately nor will I until Monday. I know I'll take advantage of Albertson's doublers in this next Sunday papers (though I want more than the 3 I get :P) Also, I have a catalina at Safeway from their frozen foods deal going on and a small register reward about to expire at Walgreens. Honestly, I don't see too many great deals from the paper ads I saw previews of online. Perhaps some cheap body wash but I promised the hubby no more until we're down to 2 bottles...I think I'll enjoying couponing for more people when we have a larger family than the 2 of us :) Anyway....rambling....

It's late and hopefully I'll have the go ahead to share my news. Until then, have a great night all!

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