Saturday, March 10, 2012

Best Crepes Ever!

So we made up the crepe batter today from my post last night. Here's the breakdown of our delicious breakfast:

Juice-Old Orchard. I haven't done it a lot lately, but I have an account at You can earn points from different promotions and by submitting a recipe and/or question weekly. You can also play games and get points. Once you get so many points, you can get things from their store or get coupons for free juice. My favorite thing about Old Orchard is that it's 100% juice.

Strawberries-This week Fred Meyers is having a strawberry special- 3lbs for $5 which is great! I didn't want to go all the way so while I was at Walmart I grabbed some and they price matched it for me. (Sale is good through today)

Vanilla Activia-Very good, I don't usually like vanilla yogurt! I got these at Safeway where if you buy 4 4packs, you get free milk. I think this special is still going on, you'd have to look on the doors of the milk area.

Spinach Crepes-I explained last night about the spinach we used in these. I don't remember the exact recipe-I'm notorious for googling a recipe and forgetting where I got it after I use it. Crepes are pretty simple-just egg, milk, oil, flour, salt, and in this case spinach. Just remember to cook them thin and have some patience. This batter made 17 crepes. I remember from my culinary classes that crepes freeze well, you just need to put a little wax paper between them.

Chicken Filling-We cooked up a bunch of chicken in our crockpot from Zaycon Foods (natural wholesale-worth looking into) and shredded it. We froze small portions in the freezer to use in different recipes. Throw some BBQ sauce on it and you're good! Or in this case, mix it with some Cream Cheese!(I got it on sale a while ago at Safeway-BOGO Free, the sale is back and good through Wednesday!) I had my hubby make the filling (he's such a good cook!) Along with the chicken and cream cheese he added some sour cream, onion salt, salt/pepper, and some mushrooms and garlic that we also had leftover from our wedding-we sauteed them up and froze them :)

Are you drooling? You should be! I love when he has Saturdays off and we can cook together! Happy Saturday :)

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  1. Looking good! Hey just a tip. When I get a recipe from the internet, copy/paste it to a text pad or other doc and I include the website url, so I know where I got it, and save it in a file. On my machine the files are totally searchable so you can just search 'crepes' and it will come up with crepe recipes. ;)