Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sweetest. Husband. Ever.

When I got home my husband had cooked up some ribs, asparagus, and mashed potatoes. Later, he made a perfect caramel, chocolate, and sunflower seed sundae. I also got a much needed shoulder massage and he listened to me and gave feedback about my presentation I have to give for an promotion interview tomorrow :)

FYI: Last night we brought a friend over to catch up. At the end of the night before going home we took her to Walgreens. Got Glade sprays for free after a manufacturer coupon and register rewards and used them to buy some tasty candy. I keep bragging on facebook and to coworkers about the money I've learned to save and I think I'll open up my place to have a couponing party sometime :)

And lastly-randomness (coupon style). You know what would be the best deal...ever? An Albertson's shop where all of these factors combine:
-You find a good sale or clearance
-You use a store coupon (heck, a doubler)
-You use a manufacturer coupon that you printed off of Swagbucks (so you get Swag Bucks after redemption)
-You get credit for a SavingStar purchase
-You get points on your store reward card
-While you're at it, you may be able to find a rebate of some sorts for the items you got!

Just a thought ;)


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  2. You are amazing Jen and I am excited to learn about your couponing ways! Oh and way to go Andrew!! :D :D :D