Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sweet Walgreen's Shopping

This was from 1 trip Andrew and I did today. We did it in 7 transactions to have it all work out. I got a couple things out of order and I ended up with $2 in register rewards instead of $2 less out of pocket that I would have liked, but that's fine :) This shop costs about $38.50 before taxes. We ended up paying $9.66 after taxes. I've also turned in a $6 rebate and like I said, I got a $2 register reward so essentially I got all this loot for $1.66 :)

We loved the deals so much and I got an extra Belvita coupon from a co-worker from the paper (they're very yummy with yogurt!) so we went back after I took this picture. We got another box of Belvita with the remaining $2 register reward and that kicked us out 1 more $2 register reward that we used for a 5th Burt's Bees (and then got another $2 register reward still for next time. So in our technical 8th and 9th transactions we spent .41 and got a box of breakfast cookies, throat drops, and a blow pop sucker. Not bad ($5.25 value before taxes)! It's my good friend's birthday today and she has some family in the house that was sick so I gave her the last cough drops we got ;)

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