Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good Deeds Can Be Easy!

When I talk about couponing a lot of people just say it's not their sort of thing, takes too much time or perhaps there's just not coupons for the sorts of things they want. Here are 2 fool-proof acts of service available to a mid-day fuzzy feeling from couponing.

1) Coupon Sneak Attack
I take my coupon binder with me shopping in case there's an amazing un-advertized special that I can sweeten with coupons I hadn't planned to use. Occasionally while in line, I'll see someone that has something that I have a coupon for and I'm not likely to use it before its expiration. I'll approach them randomly and just offer it to them. I think it's a fun surprise for people. Similarly, when I plan to go to a craft store I always print off a couple extra 40% off coupons and give them to random strangers.

2) Good Deed for a Great Deal
My husband and I don't have any kids or pets right now. But when we got baby formula for .49 each (instead of $6+) and dog food (only had to pay some taxes)....we couldn't resist the small fees and donate them to co-workers and the local food bank. Why not?! Also, I've been saving all of my unused expired manufacturer coupons to send to groups that ship them overseas to military familes. Military families that are living overseas can use coupons up to 6 months after expiration! What better to do that with something that would normally go in the trash...why not help someone that's looking out for our freedoms!?

Any tips on how you give service through couponing? Please share in the comments!

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