Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fantastic Coupon Deals!

The first deal that I wanted to share this week from couponing is my Walmart smashbars deal. I have found some amazing deals at Walmart when they have clearance on the clearance. You'll see signs around the store that say to take an additional 50% off of red (clearance) tagged items. The only catch is you have to make sure and remind the cashiers because they have to manually enter it in, it will not ring up right. My husband and I eat a lot of granola/snack bars and we couldn't pass up this deal. Smashbars usually range around $3.50 each but they were on the clearance rack for $2.18. Not a bad price...but then take another 50% off! To add to it all, I had 3 manufacturer coupons for .75 off of 2 boxes. This makes each one only .72! That's almost 80% savings!

The next deal I want to tell you about is my 93% savings on baby formula! I know baby formula is pricey. My husband and I don't have any kids yet nor are we expecting, but when I spotted these deals, I couldn't pass them up! Safeway is running a deal on these Enfamil for fussiness/gasiness cans. If you buy 3, they are only $5.49 each. We then printed off 3 coupons from and each for $5 off 1 Enfamil brand item (no restrictions on sizes, etc). They were .49 each! I don't think you can go wrong there! I gave one to a co-worker and we'll probably just donate the other 2 to the local foodbank unless we can think of anyone else with youngsters that age.

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