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This last Thursday the women at church had an activity and part of it was a couponing class. I learned a lot of new things and I decided I'd like to tackle this world of couponing :) Especially being a newlywed and needing to save some $. (By the way-that is my excuse for never posting anymore!!!! My 1st date with my husband was Cinco de Mayo 2011 and we got married 11/11/11 :) I plan to later write about my wonderful DIY wedding. But back to couponing.....

I would say my first 2 stores-Fred Meyers and Walgreens were the most helpful. The cashiers were really helpful as I'm still trying to figure out how to work the coupons to get the best deal. Safeway was good as well. I was extremely disappointed at the Trading Company. They wouldn't accept my printed (completely legitimate) coupons. Because they refused my good coupons, I didn't buy any of the items I had the coupons for (none of them were necessities-just stock up purchases). I bought additional groceries simply out of need and they were already on sale.

I think the real ticket is to get your coupons together then look at the sales locally. If you can add a coupon to an existing sale, you get the best bang for your buck. I got even more coupons back that I plan to use later. Below is a breakdown of the savings. Not 1 item was purchased without being on sale or purchased with a coupon! (Want to learn more for yourself or get a nice handmade deal from me? Scroll to the bottom!)

Fred Meyer
2 Hot Pocket Snackers-in store reduction (I don’t remember the original price)=2.89 each. + 1 coupon for $1 off of 2. = $2.39/each
2-8oz Packages of Kraft Shredded Cheese-already on sale (don’t remember the original price) =2.50 each. + in store coupon for $1 off of 2 + manufacturer coupon for .50 off of 2. =$1.75/each
Spent with tax: $8.28
Saved: $2.50 (plus value of items already on sale-not included on receipt)

Transaction 1
4 boxes of Cheerios=on sale for4/$10 + 2 manufacturer coupons for $1 off of 2 each. Register rewards printed up for $3 (saved for next shopping trip so not including discount here.)
2-5.8oz boxes of Colgate toothpaste=2/$6. Register rewards printed up for $4. Each box also came with $15 worth of good, long-lasting coupons.
Transaction 2
2-4oz boxes of Wheat thins= 1.79 each + $1 off of 2 coupon.
Neutrogena 6oz face wash=4.86 + $1 off coupon.
*used $4 register rewards from transaction 1
Spent with tax: $17.39
Saved: $11.17 (coupons + register rewards + advertised sales)

1 Puffed Rice Cereal = 2.15 - .30 with savings card + $1 off manufacturer coupon = .85
1 4oz Robitussin =6.49 -.80 with savings card + $1.00 off manufacturer coupon =4.69
Spent with tax: $6.04
Saved: $3.10 (coupons +savings card sales)

Trading Company
English Muffins= sale for $1.98
2 loaves of bread = sale for 2/$5
Gallon of Milk = sale for $2.77
Boxed candy = sale for $1.67
Tortillas (24 soft taco shell)= sale for $3.98
Total Spent: 15.40
Total Saved: $7.07 (in-store sale only)

Hobby Lobby
Wood Blocks = 1.29 after tax, with 40% off coupon
Total spent: 1.29
Total saved: .80


Here's the link to the lovely ladies that taught our class and their website is really impressive. It's specific for the Spokane Washington area, but has great information and links to any location as well.

And for those interested, specially for this blog and for a thanks to the extremelywild4savings gals, I made a coupon for my shop. If you enter the coupon code "Couponathon" when checking out at my site: then you will get an extra 35% off! (Most items are already deeply discounted as I am trying to reduce my inventory!)

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