Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eco Easter Project and Tasty Goodness (yep, more)

A couple days before Easter I was watching my niece and nephew and we made this cute little paper-mache egg for their parents. The streamers/crepe paper that we used were being recycled from a previous party. Simply take some white glue, diluted with water in a bowl. Take a baloon and blow it up. The balloon pictured was a water balloon but you obviously want to make sure to fill it up with air because you'll be popping it later. Wrap the paper mache and paint on the glue in layers, making it thick enough to be sturdy. Dry overnight or to speed it up-place in front of a fan or put outside in the sun. Once it's all dry you can insert a pin to pop the balloon and cut the egg in half. Once cut, you can add any decorations-maybe paint it up or just add grass and goodies :)

And I don't know why I'm on such a cooking kick lately, but here's another good one :)

Cheesy Crab Tostada

On low, toast a flour tortilla with cheddar cheese and crab meat (precooked), slowly melting the cheese and warming the meat. For sauce, I used some hickory bacon onion ranch dressing. To add a fresh touch, I chopped up some fresh avacado and fresh pickled cucumbers. The fresh pickled cucumbers add a tang and are easy to make. Brine a freshly sliced cucumber with half water and half vinegar-toss in some salt, garlic, onions, any other flavor you'd like infused.


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