Sunday, February 6, 2011

Projects in the Pipeline!

Things have been ever so busy and I have come to accept that there's just no slowing down in life!

I wanted to share some of the 20 teams (yep, 20! I'm a woman of many interests!) that I've joined on as well as another promissing site and personal news.

Again, here is a great team for coupons and discounts, lots of opportunity for sellers and buyers alike *Team Link*

A team for Self Taught Artists- *Team Link*

A great one for treasuries, helping get your products out there-no strict requirements! *Team Link*

For those of us who take our creativity and mush it with upcycling *Team Link*

And last, but not least, of my most visited forums, is the CUSTOM ORDER CORNER. This team was created because etsy chose to shut down the alchemy section for people to order custom items. Terrible, terrible choice if you ask me or the 300ish other people that have joined the team! Please feel free to join and point people in this direction! *Team Link*
>>>>Similarly, I've joined a group on Facebook called Artisans for Hire, a group, which inspired by Etsy's lack of custom order inspiration, is starting its own venue. You can find it and sign up for free at It is in its alpha phase and is not yet fully operational. Once it is, we'll get the word out-so much potential there!

Lastly, I've just turned in my application for a Masters in Teaching. Scary and exciting! It has been 6 years since I got my bachelors degree and I'm a little scared to go back to all that studying which I'm sure I've forgotten how to do, and to rack up several thousand more $$$ in debt! But wish me luck and buy my stuff so I can pay for books, lol! Hopefully I'll find time to at least keep some items listed on etsy as supplimental income. In case you forgot, here's my main shop ;)

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