Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Online Craft Parties with JollyJennifer

Want some extra cash or free products?-it's simple!

The method is simple - set a date with me for your craft party to occur. I'll get you your very own 'code'. Pass around the date, and code to all your family and friends (and anyone you'd like to 'invite'). When they make their online purchases, and use their code - you start earning money/free products!

Here's the $ or product value you will earn from your online spa party (not to include shipping charges):

Gross Sales from your friends = Your $ Amount Earned OR Product Value Earned
$100 sales+ = $10 OR $12 Product Value

$175 sales+ = $20 OR $24 Product Value

$200 sales+ = $30 OR $36 Product Value

$250 sales+ = $35 OR $45 Product Value

$450 sales+ = $40 OR $50 Product Value

($1-$99 gets you a complimentary gift as a thank you for your time and effort)

In addition, each of your 'party-goers' will be entered to win a FREE pair of earrings to be shipped with their order. You may chose to be paid via paypal OR check. Your paypal payment (or check in the mail ) will be deposited within 24 hours after your online spa party is complete. Product Value is the amount of credit you get for free items from my shop. If you earn $12 product value, then you can get any item worth $12 or under FREE! Likewise, you can apply that value to any larger purchase as a discount.

This is a fantastic (and quick) way to earn some money, and you don't have to worry about getting out of your pajamas, cleaning your house, or preparing food.

*At this time all sales transactions are being done via or through email and billed through Etsy is a free and simple venue that "party-goers" would register for. If they don't want that fuss, they can contact me directly via email during the party with the discount code and I will bill them directly via paypal. All sales must be complete and paid for by midnight the day of the party to contribute toward the total.

Please contact me at: to register your party!

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