Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fantastic for Five Finds!

Thanks for stopping in today! I've just changed my blog name from jollyjennifer'setsyblog to "rekamirecreations". In Polish, rekami means "by the means of hands". And that's truly what creating is for me, a recreation, a creative therapy. I've been working on several custom orders lately (and I should be now instead of typing) but I wanted to revamp my blog and post some Fantastic for Five Finds :) I signed up for a website called fiverr.com where you can post and purchase services and items for $5. No more, no less. I thought the concept was fun. No sales there for me yet but I thought I'd feature some things as well as showing $5 etsy items (shipping included) :) (Some fiverr items are mine, some are from other people. Here's my direct profile page.) Enjoy!


will send you hand painted chipboard buttons and donate 3 bucks to charity (Also in my crafting4causes shop)

will create a custom word search

will help you budget and shop for your next big event (my gig-picture of me decorating a wedding cake)

will make you a custom swirl art-one of a kind (What I offer in my JollyJennifer etsy shop, except this special has free shipping!)

will make you a duct tape purse

will send you a handmade felt flower hair clip

will make a Myrtle message for you

will illustrate a 3 panel comic strip


5 Eco Friendly Face Scrubs

Printed Orignal Design Bag

Shabby Chic Clothspins

5 Sample Size Mineral Eye Shadow

Wire Wrapped Ring

5oz Bath Bomb

Set of 5 Christmas Clippies

Five Nerd Scrabble Postcards

5 Birthday cards

p.s. I intend to update Crafting4Causes donations soon (hopefully this weekend) and don't forget to check out my JollyJennifer shop!

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