Tuesday, February 2, 2010

His Valentine Showcase

I asked around as to what kinds of things men like for Valentines and the trend was that they really just want something nice and thoughtful about their interests and hobbies. Here's a nice selection and yet just a small sampling of some great products that will fit nearly any guy whether he be a sporty guy, outdoorsy type, or tech lover. You will find that many of these shops in all of the Valentine Showcase this year also have a focus on eco friendly products while others donate to various charities-an added bonus!

Necktie Wallet * Slim Duct Tape Wallet * Mallard Tri-Fold Wallet * Upcycled Cassette Wallet

Vintage Gold Money Clip/Knife * Bicycle Necklace * Leather Key Fob-Fish * Geometric Leather Watch Cuff

Sassy Apple Beanie * Brown Plaid Driver Cap * Monterey Chunky Scarf * Recycled Belt Buckle

Smashed Bolt Belt Buckle * Bottle Opener Buckle * Diamond Plate Buckle * Gear Shift Necktie

British Football Shirt * Vintage Pickup Shirt * Vintage Motorcycle Shirt * Retro Clay Cufflinks

Monopoly Cufflinks * Winchester Cufflinks * Antler Knife * Engraved Blue Pearl Pocketknife

Bullet Pens * Clay Skeet Clock * Golfer Key Rack * Sports Couch Tissue Cover

Sports Team Coat Hanger * Snowboard Wall Decal * Car CD Visor * Upcycled Theme Notebook

Bike Tire Journal * Origami Tie Card * Lipstick Tie Card * Anatomical Heart Plush

Golf Ball Soap Set * Men's Invigorating Body Wash * CK1 Soap * Vintage Robot Mouse Pad

Nerd Chapstick/Flashdrive Holder * Batman Jr. Flashdrive * Smile Laptop Decal * Mr. Potato Head Laptop Decal

MacBook iSockit Cover * Netbook Sleeve * Apple ipod/iphone Pouch * Gameboy ipod/iphone/itouch Pouch

Iphone 3GS Case * Superman Cufflinks * Steam Punk Ring * Fisherman's Fly Box


  1. Thank you so much for including me in your blog! How exciting! I can tell that you put a great deal of work in to this! It shows! Wonderful items and talented artists!!!

  2. my favorite is the Brown Plaid Driver Cap, love it on guys.

  3. I do like the bicycle necklace!!!