Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Her Valentine Showcase

In preparation for this showcase I surveyed around about the kinds of gifts women like for Valentines and the answers were rather varied. Some women love plushies, while others love Jewelry. If you're struggling with what to give her that's truly unique then here's just a small glance of what Etsy sellers have to offer (let's be honest, a $3.00 box of chocolates from the store, or the cliche teddy bear is never memorable or thoughtful. Ditto with flowers, and they die so quickly!) Remember your daughters, mothers, and even yourselves ladies, you deserve a special treat! Enjoy browsing!

Sterling Heart Stamped Ring * Custom Stamped Locket * Owls Scrabble Pendant * Pearl and Sterling LOVE Necklace

Heart Brick Stitch Earrings * Clay Heart w/Swirls Pendant * Custom Love Note Sterling Necklace * Silver and Pink Pearl Bracelet

Unique Brass And Mother of Pearl Pendant * Seaglass Jewelery Box * Swarovski Crystal Bangle * Cherry Wood Jewelery Chest

Red Equation Clutch * Patchwork Messenger Bag * Choco Brown Tote/Purse * Aunt Nellies Carpet Bag

Ruffle Floral Purse * Reversible Heart Purse * Gift of Sight Scarf Amigurumi Bear Couple

Jasmine Perfume * Super Spa Package * Sweet Almond Lotion Bar * Animal Print Sleep Mask

Butterfly Candle Holders * Lavender Chamomile Relaxing Candle * Chocolate Strawberry Candle Melts * Italian Love Notes Candles


  1. you did a wonderful job, thanks for including me.

  2. Wow! This is quite a selection of beautiful things! Thanks for including my heart.

  3. sooo many sweet things to choose from. i love that heart stamped silver ring at the top though :D