Thursday, February 18, 2010

Success :)

I'm very very sorry for taking so long to draw a winner for the Valentine Showcase Giveaway. The winner was Alli! I've already sent an e-mail your way with details for the free $15. Congrats :) And stay tuned to this blog as a couple of featured individuals have expressed interest in donating items to future giveaways :) I feel like this was a success and all the effort was worthwhile :) I really need to stop with the sideways smiley faces...I guess I'm kinda addicted.

Hope you all had a great Valentine's. Mine was pretty average. My nieces and nephews and puppy dogs were all my Valentines <3. I've been slowing down lately on my production with Etsy items lately. Partially from discouragement that I'm not getting steady sales, but also because I've just been so darn busy! As spring has been trying to poke its head out here early this year I've been more motivated to spend time outside, with friends, and getting in shape. But don't count me out, I've still got some great items to come :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Contest Reminder

Thanks for all the participation so far in this showcase giveaway! I know for a fact that it has created at least some business for some of these great sellers! Just a couple of days left to enter! And a Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine Showcase 2010-Plus Giveaway!

I love the creative world that is encompassed in As I've come to buy and sell there I've seen so many wonderfully unique things that you just won't find elsewhere. Not to mention, the mass produced commercial items these days just don't say "I love you" for Valentines, to me they just say "Here's your obligatory gift". Having worked for a florist shop last year during Valentines I can tell you that Valentines is the absolute worst time to buy roses as the quality is sacrificed by growers and shippers for quantity.

I decided to compile this multi-post showcase from ideas I've collected and hours of thoughtful searching. While I tried to get a wide variety of items, the selection will of course be somewhat biased by my personal taste, so if you don't find just the right thing here for your Valentine, hop on Etsy and search around, I guarantee you'll find something! To view more information and more/larger pictures of each item, click on the appropriate link below the picture. Thank you for taking the time to review, leave comments, AAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD...ENTER MY GIVEAWAY!

GIVEAWAY PRIZE: $15 certificate to either or
*Certificate can be applied to regular items and shipping costs.

>Comment on favorite items from both His and Her sections of the Valentine Showcase – 1 entry
>Comment on favorite items from both Little Ones and Everyone sections of the Valentine Showcase –1 entry
>Become a NEW blog follower-1 entry
>Become a NEW Facebook fan-1 entry
>Watch my Youtube video (and leave a short comment here)-1 entry
>Blog about this giveaway (post link)-1 entry
>Tweet about this giveaway (post link)-1 entry
>Purchase something from JollyJennifer or Crafting4Causes-5 entries
>Heart something from JollyJennifer and comment as to which item you hearted and why (your favorite)-2 entries (if you are not an etsy member you can instead post 2 favorite items without "hearting")
>Heart something from Crafting4Causes and comment as to which item you hearted and why-2 entries (same exception as above)
>Suggest a charity that could benefit from proceeds earned at AND suggest a new blog name (I'm thinking of changing it...)-1 entry

*Please feel free to comment in all of the 4 showcase postings, but for official entries you must comment on THIS post.
*The drawing will take place February 15, 2010.
*Remember to leave a form of contact in your comment (e-mail or etsy username)
*Please try to keep it to 1 post per person, including the total of what you have earned i.e. "I'm a new blog follower and I love X from the Men's, X from the Women's, X for kids, and X for everyone. That's 3 entries, thanks!"

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*Please note that many of the great products found in this showcase, especially the customized ones need extra time for production and shipping, if you love something, buy it sooner than later!!!

His Valentine Showcase

I asked around as to what kinds of things men like for Valentines and the trend was that they really just want something nice and thoughtful about their interests and hobbies. Here's a nice selection and yet just a small sampling of some great products that will fit nearly any guy whether he be a sporty guy, outdoorsy type, or tech lover. You will find that many of these shops in all of the Valentine Showcase this year also have a focus on eco friendly products while others donate to various charities-an added bonus!

Necktie Wallet * Slim Duct Tape Wallet * Mallard Tri-Fold Wallet * Upcycled Cassette Wallet

Vintage Gold Money Clip/Knife * Bicycle Necklace * Leather Key Fob-Fish * Geometric Leather Watch Cuff

Sassy Apple Beanie * Brown Plaid Driver Cap * Monterey Chunky Scarf * Recycled Belt Buckle

Smashed Bolt Belt Buckle * Bottle Opener Buckle * Diamond Plate Buckle * Gear Shift Necktie

British Football Shirt * Vintage Pickup Shirt * Vintage Motorcycle Shirt * Retro Clay Cufflinks

Monopoly Cufflinks * Winchester Cufflinks * Antler Knife * Engraved Blue Pearl Pocketknife

Bullet Pens * Clay Skeet Clock * Golfer Key Rack * Sports Couch Tissue Cover

Sports Team Coat Hanger * Snowboard Wall Decal * Car CD Visor * Upcycled Theme Notebook

Bike Tire Journal * Origami Tie Card * Lipstick Tie Card * Anatomical Heart Plush

Golf Ball Soap Set * Men's Invigorating Body Wash * CK1 Soap * Vintage Robot Mouse Pad

Nerd Chapstick/Flashdrive Holder * Batman Jr. Flashdrive * Smile Laptop Decal * Mr. Potato Head Laptop Decal

MacBook iSockit Cover * Netbook Sleeve * Apple ipod/iphone Pouch * Gameboy ipod/iphone/itouch Pouch

Iphone 3GS Case * Superman Cufflinks * Steam Punk Ring * Fisherman's Fly Box

Her Valentine Showcase

In preparation for this showcase I surveyed around about the kinds of gifts women like for Valentines and the answers were rather varied. Some women love plushies, while others love Jewelry. If you're struggling with what to give her that's truly unique then here's just a small glance of what Etsy sellers have to offer (let's be honest, a $3.00 box of chocolates from the store, or the cliche teddy bear is never memorable or thoughtful. Ditto with flowers, and they die so quickly!) Remember your daughters, mothers, and even yourselves ladies, you deserve a special treat! Enjoy browsing!

Sterling Heart Stamped Ring * Custom Stamped Locket * Owls Scrabble Pendant * Pearl and Sterling LOVE Necklace

Heart Brick Stitch Earrings * Clay Heart w/Swirls Pendant * Custom Love Note Sterling Necklace * Silver and Pink Pearl Bracelet

Unique Brass And Mother of Pearl Pendant * Seaglass Jewelery Box * Swarovski Crystal Bangle * Cherry Wood Jewelery Chest

Red Equation Clutch * Patchwork Messenger Bag * Choco Brown Tote/Purse * Aunt Nellies Carpet Bag

Ruffle Floral Purse * Reversible Heart Purse * Gift of Sight Scarf Amigurumi Bear Couple

Jasmine Perfume * Super Spa Package * Sweet Almond Lotion Bar * Animal Print Sleep Mask

Butterfly Candle Holders * Lavender Chamomile Relaxing Candle * Chocolate Strawberry Candle Melts * Italian Love Notes Candles

Little Ones-Valentine Showcase-For the Kiddos and Pets!

Below you will see some great items to both give kids as well as great stuff for them to share with their friends at school. And don't forget the pets, we love them too!!!

XO Kid's PDF Cards * Printable Coloring Cards * Printable E-Tags * Punny Valentine Cards

Boys Onesie/T-shirt with Tie * Lovebug Bodysuit/Tee * Felt Heart Hair Clip * Turquoise Happy Bunny

MeowTini Catnip Toy * Eco-Organic Catnip Hearts * Sugar and Spice Cat Collar * Fuzzy Catnip Hearts

Dog Tutu and Bow * Hearts Dog Collar * Valentines Pet Bandanna * Heart PB Dog Treats

Valentine Showcase-Everyone and Anyone

While many of the things in the His category can work great for Her and vice versa, this showcase shows some truly universal and classic (and of course uniquely handmade) items for Valentines Day. Enjoy!

Custom Golden Ticket Scratch Card * Tell-Tale Custom Card * Quilled Kiss Valentine * Hearts Valentine Card

Valentine Pop-up Card * Mini Heart Cards * Original Heart Card * 10 Things I <3 Book

Chocolate Covered Caramels * Heart Sugar Cookies * Mini Heart Cookies * Super Choco Super Chunky Cookies

Filled SWAK Box * Vanilla Dark Chocolate Caramels * ASL Brooch/Tie Pin * Key to My <3 Lollipops

Custom Tree Carved Pillow * Glass Garden Moss Terrarium * Custom Message in Sand Photo * XO Upcycled Keyboard Keychain

Monday, February 1, 2010


Alright, here are our winners, selected old school method (strips of paper pulled from a box :) First place for an aceo of choice: betsabe Second place for veggie magnet: Mary (MMM) I will be contacting both shortly for addresses to send to. Thank you for all who participated! Please stay tuned because in the next day or two I will be posting a HUGE Valentines showcase and possibly a giveaway to accompany it :D