Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Christmas Rush :D

I was depressed earlier in the month and last month that I wasn't experiencing a "Christmas Rush" but I've been getting a lot more last minute sales. A sale a day so far this week in my etsy store and enough independent sales through people I know outside to match. My most popular item currently (last 5 sales!) are my Swedish Fish Earrings (See them here) I keep having to buy more of the beads from my supplier! I'm glad to see that they're liked :D

Speaking of earrings, from now until the end of the month I am offering a deal that if you buy 1 pair of earrings, you get 1 surprise pair free. I have lots in stock at home that I haven't had the energy to list yet! Please remind me in notes to seller of the free pair ;)

And lastly, another cute item from the woman who actually got me started on Etsy :D I am good friends with her kids and family (I sometimes call myself an honorary family member :P ) I was randomly browsing through her shop and spotted this ADORABLE stocking, too cute! It can be found here. (A picture of it is posted above as well)

1 comment:

  1. I think one of my fillings popped out when I looked at the Swedish Fish earrings! They look just like the real thing! Very cute!