Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tough Etsy Decisions

I was hoping that sales would pick up more around the holidays. I'm glad to say that I've pretty much put my spending on supplies at a halt because I'm investing myself into the ground :( I'm going to need to cut back on production. I hope to sell off a lot of items at a jewelry party I'm throwing in a week and a half but so far the guest list is looking slim. I'm trying to stay optimistic though! I decided today to not list some cards I spent hours making and instead using them for family and friends. I spent lots of time during a road trip early in October to hand wire-wrap some Christmas tree ornaments and then affixed them to Christmas cards I made. I just don't think they would sell for how much I value my time and creativity at, so I will let my loved ones enjoy them instead :D I've been going through a lot of refining lately-which I'm sure is natural as you mature in business. I started my etsy shop just over 4 months ago and will admit that I'm glad some listings expired because they just didn't look good. I am deconstructing, saving beads and other materials, and using them in a much better way now :D

Well anyway, I really need to get to bed because I have an early morning. Just some soul searching going on here. Here are some pictures of some of the cards with ornaments that I would have listed....


  1. You've had 63 sales in only 4 months?!! All I can say is're a very successful Etsy seller

  2. Thanks Bridget, I get that a lot. But the truth is, not even a third of those are real sales. I've done a lot of trading for fun and gifts, so most of those "sales" didn't bring in any money.