Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm sorry, did I just drool on your listing?!

You know how you sometimes happen to come across an item and you just want to scream like a little kid "I WANT IT!" Well that's what I thought when I saw these 2 jewelry chests below. They are so stunning and are sure to be great investment/heirloom pieces. Check out the shop they come from here:
Unfortunately no luck with a full time job here and I probably spend too much money on etsy (and not getting any sales for quite some time :(....) That's the irony right? Spend too much money making jewelry for myself (and to sell) so I have to stick with my childhood jewelry box that overflows all over my dresser :P *Someday*

By the way, speaking of making myself too much jewelry...I was at the bead store picking out "a few" beads for some earrings I'm going to show people to make at our church's craft activity this Saturday and I came across the most adorable sterling silver chain which I knew NEEDED to be paired with some charms I've had for years. Then came a few Svarowskis...and it's beautiful :D I'll take some pictures soon and post them! I'm not usually a charm bracelet kinda girl but I'll be wearing this one with pride!

And lastly, I'd like to introduce you to my sister-in-law's new shop! It's called She loves origami and showed me some great stuff she's making for her new shop. These are pictures of her first 4 items listed. Please go check out her shop and show her some love! She's a busy busy mom of 2 active kids-an infant and toddler-so she might not list new things daily but I'm glad she's joined the fun of etsy!


  1. I have seen 's work before & I love their work it is so pretty I just wish i could afford it all

  2. OMG I LOVE those jewelry chests! They're so original-- I've never seen anything like either of those!

  3. I love the origami!! I know the time involved!!