Thursday, November 12, 2009

Disbelief-A High Compliment

I wore a new pendant that I made this week to work and I got SOOOO many compliments over it-I love it! It's one of my Tree of Life Pendants with green leaves. I even stopped by my local bead shop (where I originally purchased the green beads) and both employees I talked to loved it. After stating that I made it (and actually with their beads) one of the employees looked closer and said "Really? You actually made that?" I'm still smiling :D Yes ma'am, I made it :D

I love this new technique so much that I've gone wild, used up all my green beads and even bought some to make my mom a "Family Tree" with our gemstone colors. Here's a couple of what I have made so far >>>

Also, while I was learning how to make the Tree of Life pendants, I learned how to make birds nest wire-wrapped charms that can be attached to a ring or earrings. I've done both :D And as it is I was out of golden hooks so, as it's been said before: Necessity is the mother of creation. I taught myself to make ear hooks, which turns out it isn't too hard once you have the technique down and the proper tools. I'm also including a cute button ring I made-I'm ordering some buttons and plan to make oodles of them :D

And lastly-I've reached an important etsy mark-I've been on long enough to have items expire! That means 4 whole months! I decided when I started my shops that items that don't sell by expiration will either have 3 things done to them: 1. Re-list (if I like them enough) 2.Keep for myself or 3.List discounted in my charity shop. Maybe I'll do a giveaway sometime too? Anyway-I have a whole bunch of items that I want to clear out of my shop, most expiring Saturday so I've discounted them all in a special discount section in my shop. Most items are only $5.00! And a great deal is>>>>>>>>>>>> buy 2, get 1 free AND free shipping (when purchasing 2 items from the sales section). Please go check them out :D And stay tuned tomorrow for our weekly Friday Feature!

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