Friday, October 2, 2009

A quickie blog :D

I've been a little under the weather lately which is definitely not fun, but it's nice to just kick back sometimes and do nothing :P I'm sad though that my laptop is acting up, as in...not turning all. The Geek Squad guy said it was the motherboard but we'll see. Right now I'm on the family computer which is old and S...L....O...W! Oh well, still trying to achieve my goal of posting 1-2 items a day.

I took the plunge the other day and invested in some sterling silver wire which is more costly than the usual copper wire I work with in my jewelry. It's a little hard getting used to working with it. I bought half hard and I should have gotten dead soft so it's easier to work with. But it's working great for some items already including some custom orders from an acquaintance (maybe I'll take and post some pictures soon, I'm so proud of them! It was a challenge for me since she's a grandmother. I tend to do more trendy, younger pieces so we'll see if she likes them :D I can't imagine she wouldn't! They're classic and stunning.

In addition to that I've learned that it's simple enough with the right gauge and hardness of silver to make your own ear wires/posts. So I've made some darling wire wrapped posts! Just some wrapping which I love and taking a file to the wire to take away the sharp edges and they're darling! I also made myself some adorable earrings-if I weren't lazy I'd go take a million pictures and post them all right here right now :P I'm experimenting with Niobium hooks. After some research it seems that a metal called Niobium is considered the ultra hypo-allergenic type of metal. It works perfect for those that even have gold or silver allergies. I bought a pair (a little costly but it might be worth it as they also come in a variety of colors) and have been wearing them for the last few hours without any problems. Anyway, I shouldn't blab too much or you will be asleep drooling on your keyboards.

I have some other fun developments in the works that I'll keep you updated on! Heads up on the Crafting4Causes shop, this month all sales go to the Shriner's Hospital for Children :D Please help spread the word! Oh yeah, and a last shout out, I stumbled upon my cousin just opening his own shop a couple days ago :D He has 2 items up so far, please go check him out and give him some love here.

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  1. Sorry that you've been sick, and get well soon. I'm terrible with jewelry wire, my handmade stuff always looked sloppy. Your stuff is gorgeous though, and I can't wait to see pics.