Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I've been run over by a semi!

ok, I wasn't run over by a semi, but do you feel that way sometimes? I stayed up too late last night so I was exhausted and late to my dr's appointment this morning. On the way there my speedometer in my truck broke. It seriously just stopped working. It slumped to the bottom (about 95 mph) when I was just keeping up with the crowd of cars around me (60-65 mph). I came home, worked an hour at a local school supervising playground time and then enjoyed beautiful, marvelous sleep...for 3 hours. haha. Today is one of those "throw away days" as I call them. Now that I'm up in time for dinner I will try to be productive :P

Some good news is that a couple of items just sold from the crafting4causes shop and my sister in law wants to buy the last item I posted. That will be a new record already for monthly donations to charity :D Well anyway-I haven't been doing my favorite picks lately like I used to try to daily just because of the hustle and bustle of life. So here's some fun stuff to gander at:

On the left we have a Wall Topo in Aqua. I think this mode of art is absolutely beautiful and unique! I was stunned when I came to this shop. You can find this particular piece here.

And then on the right, kind of in relation is an item I posted yesterday. It feels so good and cute on my wrist that I fear if someone doesn't buy it soon I may change my mind and just keep it for myself! It is found here.

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  1. Today feels like a throwaway day, its sooo hot and humid and I feel like going home but I can't! Grr.

    Cute bracelet! It matches the paper piece.