Thursday, October 8, 2009

I wants all the pretties!

So I'm finding myself coveting my own jewelry, is that bad? I make something new, I put it on (i.e. pearl necklace I just listed) to model it, and I LOVE it. I feel like Rose on Titanic with my hand outstretched saying "no!!! Don't go!!!" But then I tell myself that I can make more and I have too much pink anyway :P Anyway, I've been making projects like a maniac. Of course starting some while not finishing others because I get too darn excited to start the new little pretties! I applied for jobs at 2 crafting/bead stores today :P A little more money on the side and an employee discount never hurt anyone, lol. We shall see.

Anyway, here are some of the cuties I have or will be listing today and then I will have a quiet etsy weekend and noisy crazy family weekend. My parents and I are driving several hours to be at my nieces baptism which will be great :D

Here's the necklace I made last night (I guess you can see in my etsy mini to the right if you read this) and then you'll see the wee little pumpkins my mom and I made. She developed the pattern and has taught me how to make them.

oh yeah, and as a post note-here's something I posted on the etsy forums:

Words of Wise for Buyers
1. If you love it-buy it. You'll favorite it and plan to go back and buy it but then you see it has been sold. Many many items are one of a kind and not all sellers will be able to or want to reproduce similar items. Even if you don't consider yourself so materialistic, you'll be sad that you missed out!

2. Do not procrastinate (kind of like the first but different). Allow plenty of time for shipping. Even if you tell a seller you need it by a particular day and the postal system "guarantees" it by then, you may not get it in time :(

I have sadly learned both of these lessons this last week. And I'm sure that as we head into holiday buying that it will get more and more this way.


  1. I am glad I am not the only one who wants to keep their creations instead of listing them:)
    And, I too have learned the lesson of buy it now!