Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Donation to the Humane Society

Ok, it's late and I'm stressed and my head is going every which way about things I want to and need to do. But I finally got around to getting the proceeds of Crafting4Causes shop's September donations to the Humane Society. Here's a screenshot after the donation and I guess I'll be getting a thank you card in the mail. It's kinda funny with charities that you can opt to give yourself a thank you card. Do you need to pat yourself on the back? I guess it's not bad to have for tax purposes and overall documentation though. Anyway-here's my usual post so any contributors can always feel at ease that donations are going where they are supposed to be!

I've blacked out a few lines for privacy.

Anyway, please read my post below-2 blogs in 1 day is just outrageous! lol.

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  1. Good for you to be crafting for a cause. I just blogged about crocheting for charity recently.