Sunday, September 27, 2009

A very Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Today I'm 25!
Wow, 25 years old today! Quarter of a century. It was a pretty chill day-some nice times and stuff from friends and family and a good nap. I haven't really felt well all day so that's not so fun :( But overall it was positive :D Yesterday I got laid off of my hotel job because of slow business but I'm not crushed as I still have the classified substitute job and my etsy store has been having more sales. I can hopefully find a job that's closer as well. Anyway-as a reflection, here is a little list I've compiled.

25 of the most important things I've learned in the last 25 years of life (in no particular order):
*A testimony of Christ and our Heavenly Father is the most important thing you can have in your possession.
*Family can be and should be your closest of friends.
*Think before you speak or act because those things can never be undone.
*Don't stress out so much-take some time to enjoy life!
*Don't stick things up your nose (I learned this one young in life)
*Every experience, whether good or bad, can be learned from.
*Keep an open mind.
*Stand your ground-stick up for what you believe in.
*Always search for truth.
*Take every chance possible to stand in someone else's shoes-especially before passing judgment
*Simple service yields great joy.
*Budget-make your money work for you.
*Living life in fear is hardly living life.
*We are not just human beings-we are human becomings. We are all works in progress, that includes OURSELVES-give yourself a break!
*Take the time to gaze at the stars, pick out figures in the clouds, and take pictures of the flowers.
*God keeps his promises.
*Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
*Months of 6 or less hours of sleep is not cool.
*Much can change in a short amount of time. Savor today, have hope for tomorrow, and don't clench on too hard to yesterday.
*Education is a worthwhile endeavor.
*Sometimes you just need a good cry. That's ok.
*Make goals.
*Challenge yourself.
*Explore options you haven't considered.
*Friends can be made everywhere.


Today I forced myself to not make or list anything for etsy but to spend the time making things just for ME! I often buy duplicate beads of items I make for my shop to make for myself because I like them so much-but I never get around to making them :P Here are some pictures:

Lastly I wanted to show a cute package some friends and I made for a friend of ours a couple of days ago. Our friend is going to serve a mission for our church in Russia so we sent her a fun packages-I love themed stuff! Can you name the Biblical scripture that we based this off of??? It was fun because my friend Shon is surprisingly crafty-I first discovered his crafty skills when we made cards for a retirement home for Mother's Day this year :D

Anyway-thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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  1. Happy Birthday !!!!! Enjoy your 20's...they fly by soo fast. Wonderful blog post...thanks for sharing.