Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Light Box Blues

Well well well, here we have a light box and are still struggling! I made a large one to fit a variety of items, but the light I bought just doesn't light it up enough, I would need more lamps. Luckily I also made a smaller one that works better. I'm experimenting with different fabrics, lightbulbs, and camera settings to best represent my items. No matter what your venue (jewelry, vintage, etc) you also have to be a photographer to sell on etsy! Here are some before and after pictures I have up. 1 is the earring with flash, but no special lightbulb/fabric covering the light box. 2 is with the lightbulb and actually no fabric, and then brightened up a bit using (like photoshop) And then the beads are using the lightbox, no cover, and edited to brighten up the background. If you want to see all of the shots, please look here and feel free to comment here on my blog!

1 comment:

  1. I had the same problem with my lightbox. Oh the woes of photographing our items! LOL

    I plan to set up a designated photography spot with handmade umbrellas for my lamps. This will accomodate all sizes of items and offer consistent lighting in my photos. WHen??? I don't know, but it is on my "to Do" list! LOL

    Have a great Sunday!