Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I was highly recommended by someone to read the book called "Eat That Frog". It's about putting a stop to procrastination. It was explained to me this way: If you have a list of food that you need to eat-and an ugly frog is on the list, just get it done with-get the ugly gross thing over with so the thought/anticipation of eating it doesn't ruin everything else. If you have more than one frogs-eat the ugliest one first. Basically-just suck it up and get the hardest tasks that you're avoiding done and over with. Want to know the funny thing? I was recommended this book about procrastination months ago...and I haven't found time to read it yet, lol. But I have great cause to remember it today as my guilt is stacked a mile high for priorities that I've put off for other things such as etsy. The hardest thing is that I live my life like a checklist-with such great accomplishment for each item checked off. But some things will never be checked off and it frustrates me. I can never permanently check off, for example, cleaning the house-it will always pop back up. Anyway-that's my 2 cents. I really ought to get to reading that soon :P

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