Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Creative Juices A-Flowin'

My mom's birthday was Sunday and I had fun making this candy and fruit bouquet for my mom. Making it brought back my culinary arts classes and the time I spent this last Valentine's for 2 weeks working a temp job making bouquets at a flower shop.
(Sorry the picture quality isn't very great)

I also wanted to give a sneak peak of a couple upcycle projects I've worked on. I have made the comic envelopes out of the daily newspaper envelopes and have lined the insides with white printer paper from the scrap paper box at work (so the newspaper ink doesn't rub on whatever you are sending) The envelopes have 3 layers of paper including the white lining so they stay durable. The only part that is not recycled is the tape! I love them! I will probably list them soon-how much do you think a dozen should sell for? They don't cost a ton but they do take a bit of time.

And another upcycle project to be listed-This set of 6 coasters-made by weaving leftover coupon guide covers (I work at a hotel and people will cut out 1 small coupon and will leave the rest of the guide to be thrown away). I coated them so they are sturdy yet flexible and waterproof. I made a box for them to be stored in as well-covered in nothing but....Comics of course :D I still need to coat the box so the ink doesn't rub off. These required a lot of time, but I'm sure they aren't exactly everyone's style. What price would you recommend?


  1. Oh, geez, I'm NO good at pricing. ...
    I'll come back to that.

    That orange/candy bouquet looks SCRUMPTIOUS! So cool.

    I love your envelopes. Have you tried coating the paper with acrylic medium and then folding them? That might be interesting.

    I'm really digging the coasters. What about, like $12 or $13 for a set of five? (If that's way too low, please don't be insulted. I'm not a good pricer.)

  2. Thanks for the comment Fresh-not insulted at all! I have such a hard time pricing! What do you mean by acrylic medium on the envelopes?

  3. What great items! I love upcycled projects and I'm working on some! Thanks for sharing!

    I think what Fresh means is it's sort of like Modge Podge. I but you can get it in a spray so you don't smear the ink. I believe that's what it is. Look into it before you take my word though. Don't want to be the cause of ruining your awesome projects! :o)