Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ok, it's really hard picking my favorites for August 11th and 12th, but I narrowed it down to these>

On the left are my items, a Black Headband-One of a Kind with a Black and White Pearl Embellishment. It's soooo cute! I made a custom bracelet for my friend and she picked out these black pearls. I have several left over after making her bracelet so I went ahead and used some on a few different items. It can be found here:

Also on the left, I have a Black and White Pearl Floating Necklace. Utilizing the same pearls, and adding to my black and white line (go to my shop to see a matching set of earrings :) I made this cute necklace. It's my first time making a floating necklace and it turned out quite well. It can be seen here:

On the right I am featuring 2 sellers with great shops and both are trade friendly! (as am I ;) You know when you are going through their shop and favoriting each and every item, that you should just favorite the whole shop!

So the first item featured is an Orange Spiro Multi-Use Zippered Pouch. I'm trying to decide if I should buy's so cute! They use so many bright and beautiful fabrics in this shop that I just want to buy them all! But this particular pouch can be found here: (and at a great price!)

The second item on the right is for a Soap of the Month-12 month subscription for you or someone else-what a CUTE idea! And when the soaps are all so luxurious and tasty looking (had to wipe a little drool away...), it's a great idea! I just wish my family wasn't so allergic to everything :( I'm not even allowed to wear perfume in the house I'm living in right now :( But I highly recommend these tasty looking soaps that can be found here:

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  1. thanks for featuring my pouch, and I love your necklace!