Friday, August 7, 2009

Picks for August 6th & 7th :D

Goodness gracious, this week has been so busy that I hardly have time to etsy/blog! Here are my recent picks. I'm struggling to keep the pictures lined up as I would like on this silly blog, so we'll see...
On the right we have my Upcycled Fabric Teardrop. It's fun and trendy. That little guy took me so long to hand stitch though!!!!! I swore it would be one of a kind just because it took so long, lol. It's 2 sided with a different pattern on the opposite side, you can check it out here:
Next I have my Blue Shell Pendant. As usual, my pictures just don't do it justice :( I was having problems getting this one in focus. Some simple wire wrapping for a simply delightful piece.

As for items from other shops, I have some Halloween Lampwork Beads that are eerily fun for Halloween! And they're going for a very reasonable price! You can find them here:
And lastly, I'm not really that much into vintage things, but I ran across these cute books. I spent a year and a half in Poland on a mission for my church and I love the language and anything polish! I haven't decided to take the plunge to buy these, but they sure are selling for a great price!

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