Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life just doesn't slow down anymore! Here's a couple day's worth of features. While contemplating what I can get for my impossible to shop for mother for Christmas (as I've decided to have a 100% made by me or bought on etsy Christmas) I decided to stroll through some art. There are some amazing artists out there! There are some pieces that are so pleasing to the eye that it makes you want to smile and cry at the same time. At least that was my experience lately. You can see from my recent favorites that I went crazy, and am having a hard time deciding what I want to buy (and having the self-control to not buy it all when I don't have the money nor my own house to use them all in, lol)

Anyway, so about the features of the day: On the left we have a watercolor titled "A Little Lovely" by Lauren Alexander. She has so many bright pieces that I love so much! Anything from her shop would make me a happy camper. This particular print can be found here:

Also on the left is a painting done by, "Northcitystudio", a fellow Washingtonian that I saw promoting in the forums a little while back. Her painting is entitled "Summer Ferns" and is painted with oil on canvas. It has such a calm, mysterious quality to it. Her original painting can be seen here:

And as for items from my shop, I've been a busy bee. I've listed more tags-these in particular are a fun mix punched from previous greeting cards I've collected over the years (you know how I love upcycling!) They are going for an ubber great price and can be found in both my jollyjennifer and crafting4causes shops:

And lastly, on the right is just 1 example of my new "Upcycled Beauty" line of keychains and jewelry made from a black Dell computer keyboard. I've been having lots of fun with this. Check out my shops and see the different ones I have listed in them both! The one pictured can be found here:

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