Saturday, August 8, 2009

AUGUST 8-Daily picks and updates for C4C :D

I started today by tackling projects I've been putting off and organizing my supplies. The ideas are exploding and taking over the home, so I need to make sure I tackle them via priority and no more purchasing supplies until I finish projects and make sales!!! Anyway, taking a wee little break from making items to update my blog :D

So news for my Crafting4Causes shop (C4C) is that I now have donations from 3 shops (1 being my own :P) and have started organizing them into grab bags. Another half dozen-ish packages are still on their way.'s picks >

On the left is a Blood Choker Necklace. This shop has quite a variety of hand-crafted halloween necklaces that look great. Tempting for a good compliment to any costume. It can be found here:

On the right are my Silver Butterfly Dangle Earrings. I've been frequenting a local bead store that is a little spendier than where I usually shop, but they have some great items that are superb quality. These earrings showcase pewter, silver coated charms that caught my eye and I knew I had to use them. The pictures, as usual, are not superb :(


  1. Thanks for the feature.Have a creepy day!

  2. Very pretty choker!