Wednesday, August 19, 2009

8-18 Picks

I've been spending so much time on a project lately that I haven't been able to post much else in my shop...I sure hope it sells with all the work I've put in!!! Anyway, the features today are as follows:

On the left is my beaded wire-wrapped heart keychain/pendant. I can easily convert this into a pendant but it is currently made into a keychain. I was practicing my wire wrapping, thinking of doing something similar as part of a bridal haircomb. It us up for grabs at a great price and can be found here:

On the right is a cute colorful shrimp sushi necklace. I like sushi as much as the next girl I suppose, not that I eat it that much, but I think it's so cute :D Check out this necklace in more detail here:


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my shrimp necklace! Much appreciation, and lovely heart as well! :D

  2. Wire wrapping is not as easy as some think! You did a great job! It's cool!