Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Picks of the day

Sorry for not getting the wire wrapping tutorial up today-it's been a little crazy between social activities, doctors appointment, and other paperwork to get done! Not to mention making some custom orders for co-workers/friends (and a lot of bumps along the road with 2 of the projects :( Will have to finish them tomorrow!) Anyway, well here are my picks of the day:

Left you'll see just one of my pieces of photography up for sale. I've picked some of my favorite high quality prints. I have 2 separate listings-1 for nature in general and 1 for just flowers. You can find them at these links: (You get to pick which 3 you want from each listing for a low price of only $15 for all 3!)

Right you'll see a cute handmade tissue box cover. I'm not usually into tissue box covers, but this one is just adorable and unique!

Stay tuned for the wire wrapping tutorial hopefully tomorrow! And when I get these custom orders done maybe I'll post some pictures :D

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